Use A Side-By-Side For Checking Your Farm's Fences

One task that every farmer understands is important is regularly checking the fences around their fields. If you have livestock, a broken fence may cause one or more animals to escape — potentially resulting in injuries and even death. Most farmers make it a priority to travel along the length of each fence to confirm that it's not damaged. For this task, a side-by-side can be a perfect vehicle. This type of vehicle can have a number of other useful applications around your farm, but it can definitely be your go-to option when it's time to check your fences.

Why It's Useful

A side-by-side is a good vehicle for traveling along the length of your fences for several reasons. Using this vehicle makes the job much quicker than walking, which isn't particularly practical if you have large fields and several fences. While you could theoretically use a farm tractor to travel along the fence, this might not always be possible. Most farm tractors are large, and the space next to the fence might be tight in certain areas. The small footprint of a side-by-side will make it easy for you to navigate any area as you check your fences.

Features To Look For

If you're planning to buy a side-by-side from a local dealership to use for checking your fences — and likely also for various other tasks on your farm — you'll want to ensure that this utility vehicle offers a few key features. Choose a model that has a large cargo bed, as it will allow you to carry all sorts of tools to perform repair work when needed. Removable doors can also be handy. Checking fences involves getting in and out of the side by side dozens of times, and you don't want to have to open the vehicle's door each time. While doors can be handy in various other applications, you'll appreciate being able to remove them prior to checking your fences.


You might wish to think about buying certain attachments soon after you purchase your side-by-side. When it comes to working on your farm's fences, an attachment that holds a spool of wire will be handy. This simple attachment mounts to the side-by-side cargo bed or bumper. You can place a large spool of fence wire on it, attach one end of the wire to the fence, and then drive a set distance while the spool of wire unrolls. You can then attach the other end to the fence. This is much faster and easier than unrolling the spool and carrying the wire by hand. 

For more info about side-by-side vehicles for sale, contact a local company.