Activities For Which An Enclosed Side-By-Side Is Best

When you walk into a local side-by-side dealership and begin to browse the vehicles for sale, one thing that you'll quickly notice is that some side-by-sides have an enclosed design while others do not. There are lots of topics to ponder when you shop, but thinking about the ways that you expect to use this utility and a recreational vehicle can help you to know which style will be the right fit for you. You'll find enclosed vehicles in several different sizes and with various seating capacities, making it easy to find a model that suits your needs. Here are some activities for which an enclosed side-by-side is best.

Winter Activities

If you're excited to use your new side-by-side for one or more winter activities, you'll want to strongly consider buying a model that has an enclosed design. This feature will create a warm space that will keep you and your passengers comfortable, even when it's very cold outside. The last thing that you want is to be riding at a quick pace on a chilly day and feeling the cold wind hitting you. Whether you expect to use the vehicle for winter tasks such as plowing snow or recreational pursuits such as ice fishing, you'll appreciate the enclosed design.


A lot of people buy side-by-sides to operate on farms. Whether you run a small hobby farm or have a vast operation, a side-by-side will allow you to get around the farm quickly, carry supplies, and perform various tasks. Farming takes place regardless of the weather; even if it's pouring rain, you'll need to travel around the farm to perform your daily chores. Having an enclosed side-by-side, rather than one with an open design, will provide a dry space on days with inclement weather.

Driving On The Road

While side-by-sides are synonymous with off-road riding, a lot of owners use these vehicles to drive on roads around where they live. This is especially common in rural areas. If you plan to use your vehicle in this capacity, you'll want the enclosed body type. Not only will it protect you from errant stones and clouds of dust when you're traveling behind other vehicles, but it can somewhat reduce the noise of other vehicles when they pass you. Visit a side-by-side dealership to check out its models for sale, including those that are enclosed.

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