What Features Do I Need When Buying A UTV For Work?

When you are purchasing a UTV, it's very important to make sure that you do not purchase one that will not fit your needs. Some UTVs are designed for work-related purposes and others are meant only for recreation. If your UTV is primarily meant to serve a practical work-related function, there are several features you should pay attention to when choosing one.

UTV Beds

Utility UTVs are designed for work-related purposes. They can also be used for fun, but they are primarily designed with work in mind. For example, a UTV comes with a bed in the back of the UTV that allows you to store tools. They can also be used to haul construction material or farm materials. Some UTVs require that you dump your cargo by hand and other UTVs come with a power dump option. 

Depending on where you live, having a powerful UTV might not be necessary and may end up being an unnecessary expense. For example, if the only purpose of the UTV is to toss a few small tools in the back of your UTV and perform some maintenance work, you might find it unnecessary to use a powerful and more expensive UTV. 

Four-Wheel Drive

You will want four-wheel drive if you will be operating the UTV on rough terrain, if the terrain is very muddy or sandy, or if you will be driving up and down steep slopes.

Trailers and Hitches

The utility UTVs come with a hitch that allows you to attach a trailer to the back. You will want to make sure that your UTV is powerful enough to where it will be able to tow your trailer. Some UTV brands can be very powerful, so you will want to make sure that you are able to handle them. It's always a good idea to measure how much horsepower you will want before selecting your UTV.

Electric, Gas, and Diesel UTVs

The amount of power your UTV has is partially based on how your UTV is powered. A UTV can be powered by electricity, diesel, or gas. More powerful UTVs are powered by an energy source other than electricity. You will also want a bigger cargo box and a bigger engine. However, the more powerful your UTV is, the more difficult it will be to control. 


Determine whether you will have an employee riding with you. This will determine how many seats you will need your UTV to have. Some UTVs have as many as four seats, such as a UTV side by side. However, you might find it more useful to have multiple UTVs with only two seats each depending on the needs of your business.