Purchasing An Aluminum Boat? Learn These 2 Maintenance Tips To Prevent Corrosion And Keep It In Great Condition

If you are purchasing an aluminum boat to make it last longer you need to take proper care of it. One thing that can build up on this type of boat is corrosion. To prevent this, as well as other problems, below are three maintenance tips to help you keep your boat in great condition.

Keep it Dry

Corrosion will build up quickly on a wet aluminum boat. For this reason, make sure it is completely dried each time after you use it. First, pull the plug and let all water run out of the boat. When finished, use a dry, clean cloth to wipe the boat down until it is completely dry. A microfiber cloth works well because it is absorbent. You can also wash and dry this type of cloth in the washer and dryer, so you do not have to keep purchasing new cloths. Purchase a bag of them and keep them in your garage or wherever you store your boat, so you will be ready to dry it. Microfiber cloths are not expensive, and you can purchase them in bulk.

When you first arrive home store the boat in a sunny area to let the sun help you dry everything out. If the aluminum boat is small, flip it over when it is dry on the upper part to dry the bottom of it. If you leave the outboard attached to your boat, tilt it until all water drains out.

Remove Carpet

If you use carpet anywhere inside your aluminum boat, such as in the bunks, you should remove it. Your boat won't be as comfortable or maybe even aesthetically pleasing but removing carpet will save you a lot of headaches and work.

If you leave the carpet in the boat and it is full of water for long periods of time the hull in your boat will start to pit, which is an expensive repair. If you would like the carpeted area protected, you can lay plastic over the area while you are using your boat.  

Built up water in carpeting will also cause mold to build up in the carpet itself. Over time this will look unsightly and mold is dangerous if you breathe in mold spores.

These are just two maintenance tips for you to follow, and there are many others. For example, paint the boat with corrosion resistant paint and inspect it closely each time you use it.