Things to Consider Before Buying a Dirt Bike

You love to ride dirt bikes, both for fun and potential competition, but you've yet to buy one. You've been shopping for a motocross or regular dirt bike for a while, but don't know what to buy. Before you buy any brand or model, consider these few things first.


Dirt bikes are designed to operate via a certain amount of power. The more power a dirt bike has, the faster and more challenging it can be to ride. You will need a more powerful, faster dirt bike if you plan on doing competition riding, while a slower, more moderately paced dirt bike will be just fine for having fun with friends and enjoying a thrilling ride now and then.

Keep in mind that your skills on a dirt or motocross bike largely determine just how fast of a model you need. Discuss your current skills with a motocross bike supplier to have them help you decide what power you need in your bike.


Do you want a dirt bike that operates via gears and needs to be kick-started? Or would you prefer a model that is more automatic in its function? Each style of dirt bike has its perks and drawbacks, so test ride all dirt and motocross bikes before making a purchase. You may find one type of gear style more comfortable and easier to work with than another.


Just like dirt bikes come in a variety of power abilities and speed, they come in a variety of sizes as well. You should be able to sit comfortably on a dirt or motocross bike and have your feet or toes touching the ground. Your knees can be slightly bent. If your legs bend too much or your feet don't touch the ground at all, then the dirt bike you have chosen is either too small or too large.

Often, dirt bike power is associated with size, so you may have to go a size up or down to achieve the powerful stroke you need while still being comfortable on your bike. You can buy custom grips, seat covers, and other additions to your motocross or dirt bike to make the recreational equipment more comfortable.

Always wear a helmet and protective gear when riding a dirt bike. You can buy your gear at the same store you buy your dirt bike from. A sales associate will help you choose a helmet, gloves, pants, boots, and a shirt that fits your riding needs best. For more information on kx250f motocross for sale, contact your local motocross shop.