Three Winter Storage Tips For Motorcycle Owners

If you have recently realized the dream of purchasing a motorcycle, it is important for you to understand the steps needed to properly care for these devices. Sadly, it is easy for some homeowners to make the mistake of neglecting some of the more critical steps needed to keep a motorcycle in excellent condition. In particular, it is common for individuals to fail to properly prepare their motorcycles for the long winters. Luckily, you can use the following tips to help ensure you avoid making some routine errors when caring for your motorcycle.

Give The Bike An Oil Change

Before you place the motorcycle into storage, it is important for you to make sure that you change the oil. Over the course of driving the motorcycle, sediments will accumulate and the oil will thicken, which can cause deposits of sediment to form on the internal components of the engine. Unfortunately, this can eventually cause serious damage to the engine, which may require extensive repairs to get the motorcycle running again.  

Prepare The Bike's Body

When preparing the motorcycle for the winter, it is common for individuals to accidentally overlook protecting the body. However, this can be a major error to make. During the winter months, the bike may be exposed to moisture from snow, rain, ice and humidity. This exposure can result in corrosion forming on the motorcycle's metal components. To minimize the damage from this issue, you should make sure to thoroughly wash the bike before applying a fresh coat of wash.

Increase The Pressure In The Tires

Cold air will cause the air in your tires to contract, and this can cause them to appear under inflated. Unfortunately, if the bike is allowed to stay in this condition for an extended period of time, it can cause the tire to become permanently warped. To address this problem, you should add additional air to the tires before placing it into storage. Most owner's manuals will contain instructions for how much air the tires need during the winter, and you should follow this guide to help ensure that your tires make it through the winter.

Keeping your motorcycle safe from harm during winter storage does not have to be a complicated or confusing task. Making sure that you increase the air pressure in the tires, apply wax to the body and change the oil will help you to avoid some routine damages that can arise when from storing a motorcycle. For more information, contact shops like Carl's Cycle Sales.