3 RV Accessories That Can Make Your RV More Enjoyable And Convenient For Long Trips

Do you mainly use your RV for short trips but now have plans to take more long distance trips? If so, there are a few things you should consider investing in that will accessorize your RV and make your travel experiences more pleasant.

Alternative Energy

Solar panels are ideal because they can help you to conserve battery power. You should also consider investing in rechargeable batteries and a solar battery charging station. This will benefit you because you will likely use a number of convenience items that require batteries such as a portable radio or wireless hair shavers. Do not forget about safety items that also require strong batteries. Carbon monoxide detectors, smoke detectors and flashlights are examples of items that you need to ensure your safety when you are using your RV. Access to solar energy will aid in ensuring that you do not have to experience running out of batteries and have a safe backup energy source. 

Utility Trailers

Trailers offer RV owners the most flexibility when it comes to enjoying life on the go. Choose an enclosed trailer for extra cargo items. This aids in keeping the living quarters of your RV clutter-free. You could also benefit from investing in an open trailer which will allow you to tow other modes of transportation. Smaller open utility trailers can be used to transport boats, motorcycles and ATVS, and you could use larger trailers if you plan to take a vehicle with you. 


If you want an alternative mode of travel when you are using your RV and do not want to invest in a utility trailer yet, consider getting bike racks installed on your RV. This would allow you to travel short distances. You may also be able to get a rack installed to accommodate a small rafting boat. Both of these modes of transportation offer the additional benefit of exercise while you are traveling. 

Keep in mind that adding accessories to your RV will mean additional weight. This may impact gas mileage, and an RV dealer like Camping World of Orlando is a good resource to use to determine the potential impact as well as the best accessories to choose based on your lifestyle and the way you use your RV. If you have an older RV, a dealer can help you understand the benefits of upgrading to a newer model RV, which may come equipped with the extra accessories or features you desire.