Frequently Asked Questions About Honda Motorcycle Chains

Your Honda motorcycle chain plays an important role in the operation of your motorcycle. The chain turns the sprockets, which help your bike go. If the chain can't turn or is damaged, your bike will stall or won't go at all. However, if you are new to riding, you may not know much about the chain. Here are a few frequently asked questions you should know about your Honda motorcycle chains.

How Can a Honda Motorcycle Chain Be Cleaned?

It is recommended that you regularly clean your chain to remove any excess oil, dirt, buildup and debris that can build up on the chain. There are many factors that affect just how often the chain needs to be cleaned, such as the elements you ride your motorcycle in and how often you ride it. If you can remove gunk from the chain with your fingernail, there is enough buildup to warrant cleaning it.

In order to clean the chain, you will need to place your bike on a bike stand, elevating the rear wheel off the ground. Slowly spin the tire around around and look for damage to the chain. If damage is noted, the chain needs to be replaced, not cleaned. If the chain is in good condition, you can clean the chain with warm water, a squirt of liquid dish soap and a wire cleaning brush. Rinse the soap away with a soft cloth and dry the chain completely when you are done cleaning it.

How is the Chain Lubed?

After cleaning a motorcycle chain, you will need to lubricate it. Lubricating the chain helps it turn properly, prevents it from kinking up and helps prevent rust. While your back motorcycle wheel is still lifted, apply a couple of drops of your preferred motorcycle chain lubricant to the chain and turn your wheel. This helps move the chain and spread the lubricant out, allowing it to reach the pins and rollers inside the sprockets that you can't see. Continue this process until the chain moves and turns with ease.

When Does it Need to be Taken to a Professional for Repair or Replacement?

Properly cleaning and oiling your chain will allow it to last longer. However, even the best-cared-for chains will eventually wear out and need to be replaced by a professional. If your chain is getting stretched out, if it is rusted, if it is kinked or if it simply won't turn properly, it should be replaced.

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