How To Clean And Protect A Pair Of Leather Riding Boots

If you enjoy riding your bike through rough terrain and following trails at fast speeds, your leather riding boots may become heavily soiled. The following steps will teach you how to clean your boots so that they are restored to their original condition. After you have finished the cleaning steps, preserve the condition of the boots so that they last for many years and continue to look great.

Use The Following Materials

  • soft brush
  • mild detergent
  • water
  • lint-free cloths
  • vinegar
  • cornstarch
  • buffing cloth
  • leather conditioner

Remove Mud And Stains

Remove mud quickly so that the leather isn't permanently damaged. Use a soft brush to remove dirt clumps and dried mud. Move the brush from side to side as you do this. Moisten a lint-free cloth with a small amount of water mixed with mild detergent. Dab the cloth over any dirty spots that remain on the boots.

If severe staining is present, add a small amount of vinegar to the cloth before wiping the boots. Grease spots can be removed by sprinkling cornstarch on the boots and allowing it to penetrate for several minutes. Wipe away the cornstarch and remove any residue on the boots with a damp cloth. Dry the boots off with a clean cloth. Place the boots in a well-ventilated area to dry if they are still damp.

Protect The Leather 

Apply a small amount of leather conditioner to a buffing cloth and use firm pressure as you move the cloth in circular motions over the surface of each boot. Continue adding more conditioner to the boots until it no longer penetrates into the leather surface. Wipe off the excess conditioner with a clean cloth. Place the boots in a ventilated area for several hours until they are dry. The conditioner will keep the leather soft and supple and will prevent moisture from penetrating the material.

Add more conditioner to the leather a couple times each year. Get into the habit of cleaning your leather boots after you finish riding your bike. If you remove dirt soon after you finish riding, the leather won't be as likely to become damaged or permanently stained.

Always use mild detergent and a small amount of water when completing basic cleaning steps. Avoid using any products that contain harsh chemicals or abrasive cleaning materials. All of these steps will help keep your riding boots in excellent shape so that you can wear them with pride whenever you ride your bike. Contact a company like Bob's Cycle & Snowmobile Supply for more information.